Big Bin Day Update

As announced, the Big Bin Day is still on schedule for Saturday, September 19th in the Clubhouse parking lot starting at 8:30 AM.  Our usual crew of volunteers is signed up.

We will operate under slightly different rules to keep us all safe.  Only one vehicle at a time will be granted entry.  We request vehicle occupants wear a mask when in the parking lot.

Please do not put things in the bins Friday night.  The volunteers need time early Saturday morning to organize the bins by material type.

The items we cannot accept are:
Yard waste (brush, and stuff that normally goes in bags for municipal pickup),
Unused paint (take it to RONA for free disposal),
Toxic waste or flammables (propane tanks, paint thinners, batteries, etc.).

See you on September 19! 😊

Joe Mayo

Missing Mail?

We have had a report of missing mail here in Huron Woods, that with the help of a Canada Post employee was found filed in the wrong mailbox. With duplicate 911 house numbers in the neighbourhood (which I don’t understand since there is an infinite number of numbers) mail delivery errors do happen. With out of country neighbours unable to visit, if mail was misplaced in an absentee members box, it might go undetected.

If you have missing mail, we recommend that you go to the Post Office on Crescent Street. They are very helpful and will look after you. 

Wildflower Naming

Thanks to everyone who tried to name all the wildflowers. Congratulations to: Joan Giffen for a very high score, Mary Beth Davies who was almost perfect, and to Linda Seyler for getting the most points because she had the right answer to the bonus question, correctly identifying the Painted Lichen Moth!

So well done everyone! Good guessing! Next up is August, (my favourite summer month for many reasons). The goldenrod will be in full bloom and so will Rattlesnake Root. Much to look forward to.