Website Update

Board Meeting Minutes Available Online

The minutes of HWCA Board meetings are now available online.  Just log in to our website ( and proceed to the “Members” area.  The minutes are the last entry in the drop-down list on the left side.

You must be registered and logged in to see the “Members” area. To access the Members area, users will need to register through this link. >>>>>  Register Here.  You can also click on the Login/Register menu option on the website and click the REGISTER button. Registration takes about 30 seconds.

Registration is only open to members of HWCA.

Remember, “REGISTERING” is not the same as “FOLLOWING“.
– You must be registered to access the “Members” area.
– You must “FOLLOW” to receive email notices of changes on the web site.

Follow us line >>>> Follow Us. Following is open to the public!

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