Clubhouse Exterior Revitalization

Given the weather has likely closed down further activity until Spring, here is a status update on the fundraising and projects to date.

Total funds raised to date is $9,286.  There are some potential additional donations that will be accepted in the Spring when new projects are started.

To date the total spent is $2945.93.  Those funds paid for construction of the parking lot stone wall, gravel to cover the mud in front of the canoe racks, material for the rain drains installed on the driveway to the canoe racks and gravel to repair that driveway.  The gravel on the driveway still needs to be properly spread, and if weather permits we will call for volunteers and finish that before end of November.

As soon as possible in Spring, we plan to refresh the area around the children’s playground and the back of that parking area with new, matching, pressure treated posts (cedar colour) at 36″ centers with reflectors.  At the same time we will identify the Handicap Parking Space next to the Clubhouse.  We have acquired the signage.

In the Spring we will identify additional projects.  Anytime you see a member of the Board, feel free to make suggestions.  Anything that is within budget is open for consideration.

Thanks again for your commitment to our community and to enhancing the value of our Clubhouse.

Joe Mayo