Update from the Gypsy Moth Outbreak Team

Sincere thanks to all property owners who have sent their required paperwork to Zimmer Air Services Inc in preparation for the aerial spray program in spring to help control the gypsy moth caterpillars.  Thank-you to everyone who volunteered to organize or contact neighbours.  Your efforts helped boost participation of property owners in Huron Woods to 95%.  

To bring you up to date, 218 contracts and 61 waivers have been sent to Zimmer Air Services Inc. from Huron Woods.  We are now hoping fourteen property owners who have not responded will contact us as quickly as possible.  Without a definite response, neighbours will be affected.

Zimmer’s deadline for receiving contracts from Huron Woods is March 31st. The Gypsy Moth Outbreak Team will no longer be liaising between Zimmer and Huron Woods after March 8, 2021.

Any outstanding waivers or details of contracts can be sent to until this date.

We encourage you to confirm the status of your property on Zimmer’s map of Huron Woods here: 

Click Here!

Scroll to the bottom of the page.  If you have sent a contract and your property is not highlighted in blue on the map, phone Zimmer Air Services Inc at 1-800-665-5485.


  • Jacqui Krech
  • Angela Arenberg
  • Anne Thornton
  • Paul Mennill

Gypsy Moth Outbreak Team

Path 5 is Now Open

The construction at Mac Gilpin’s property is complete, except for the fence along the edge of the path.  That will be reinstalled at some point.

Until the Spring storms alter the landscape it is premature to install stairs.  Like the other paths, it is slippery this time of year.  Please use caution when using all paths and especially Path 5 given the layout has changed.