Calla Lily for your pond! Free!

Brian Tandy just split his Calla Lily and now has three available. They are free but he would be happy get an empty pot in exchange. One is potted; two are in water waiting for a new home. The new owner must bring a pail to take the lily home.

As someone who adopted a split last year, I can speak from experience that the Lily is low maintenance and beautiful. It bloomed several times in my tiny little pond. I brought it in for the winter and it kept blooming on and off all winter. Very exotic house plant 😊

If you would like to adopt one of this beauties, please call Brian at 519-238-1250.

Missing Cell Phone

One of our neighbours dropped their cell phone today while out for a walk. If you are out for a walk in the southwest corner of Huron Woods or in Beach O Pines close to that corner, please keep an eye open. It’s a flip phone, not sure what type. But the owner really would like to get it back.

If you find it please email or Or call one of the Board members. I would say call the owner but…

The owner tried to call the cell but it went to voice mail. Assuming it’s off.

Free Live Zoom Yoga Therapeutic Class for HW community members

In case you missed the first announcement, there’s still time to sign up for the second free class!

Hello Everyone,

Finding ways to stay connected, and, practicing self-care are so essential to everyone’s well being, particularly in these uncertain times.

Please join me in a free Yoga Therapeutics Class.

No prior yoga experience is required.

  1. Wednesday May 27th at 10am – 11am

Classes are breath based, gentle movements, and are accessible to everyone.

Yoga Therapeutics class will begin by bringing the mind and body to a place of peace and stillness using mindfulness and Guided Meditation practices.

This will be followed by gentle mindful moving sequences, supported by a variety of Pranayama (controlled breathing techniques) and visualizations.

Throughout the class, I will also introduce gentle mobility sequences, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Guided Meditations.

Many of you may recall attending my gentle yoga classes over the years, that were offered at the HW Clubhouse. Since becoming a certified Yoga Instructor in 2013, and while teaching Hatha yoga in Toronto and many resorts in Latin America and Carribbean countries, I have been drawn to the science behind yoga and its powerful health benefits.

In 2019, I completed my 300 hour Yoga Therapeutics Certification at The Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto, and have been working one on one with individuals therapeutically, as well as teaching group Hatha and Yoga Therapeutics classes.

To sign up for the class, please email me at, and I will send you the link.



“I am starting to count my blessings and turning around my whole life towards positivity” from the Graditude App.

Out of the Woods 11!

As a first year resident of Huron Woods,  the invitation to capture images of the beautiful new world around us really got me going.  Kate and I go for walks with our dog 2 or 3 times a day, through the wood trails, river trails, and the neighbourhood, so it’s been easy to take my camera along on most of them.

For those of you that don’t know me yet … giving me 18 days with an excuse to put a camera in my hand is truly “dangerous” ….  I love photography as you are about to find out.

So thanks for this opportunity. I have had a great time … and in these crazy Covid times, it’s been great to get busy with a project that we might not
otherwise have committed to.

Mike Brown

Spring Love: A Ruby Crowned Kinglet…caught him courting
Social Distancing on the Channel logs
Forest friendly finch
Feeling blue? Try being an Indigo Bunting
Stay healthy! Get your daily vitamin C. Like our Baltimore Oriole
“Chip” chomping on seeds from the chips in the mulch.
Campfire Blue Jay
Indigo Bunting and Rose-Breasted Grosbeak … Social Distancing at “The Feeder Restaurant” .d
CHIP  &  JAY  … Respecting Social Distancing.
Log loungers on the channel
Rivers’ Edge thru Cedars   (this is a “panoramic” cell phone photo)
Log and Flowers at Rivers’ Edge
Pines and bird feeder
Reflecting on How Proud We are to be Canadian …. especially in these Covid times.