Request for Volunteers

With the permission of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority, we will be installing 2 additional drainage pipes between our pond and the Old Ausable Channel.  The work will involve digging, raking and the use of wheelbarrows.

We also have some 1-2 foot trees that require transplanting.

If you would like to help out, please call Bill Redhead at 519-238-2980.  The time and date is yet to be decided, but the plan is to do the work this month (August).

Thanks in advance to all who can help out.

The HWCA Board

Grand Bend Summer Sunset Concerts

Rant Maggie Rant brings a fine collection of instruments, styles and substance to their shows with versatility and virtuosity. The Stratford, Ontario band’s personality shines through as a collective of six very unique and different artists in their own right, the sum of which create unforgettable moments on stage. For the past 10 years this multi-award winning band has consistently roused audiences from coast to coast. Jared Lutes returns to us from the Maritimes – a folk-rock musician who we invite back year after year for his engaging show.  See you Sunday Aug 18th, 7pm, on the beach!

Found – Update!

I would like to let everyone know that my bike that was reported stolen last week has been found and that other items came back with my bike. Specifically there are two pair of sunglasses, a bag that looks like it fits in a minivan, pliers, a screwdriver, a shirt, playing cards, and several other things. (UPDATE) I have attached photos of everything that I have and would like to see if we can’t return these items to their rightful owner(s). Regards, Sebastian (289 527-2451)