Clubhouse Grounds Fundraising

Wow! 16 donations for almost $3200 in only 4 days. What a great community!

Your Board has started 3 projects. The driveway stone retaining wall, the drainage gates on the driveway to the canoes and pond, and fresh gravel in front of the canoe racks. If more donations are made we will spruce up the posts near the playground and acquire signage for the Handicap Parking spot. Thank you!

Ownership has its Privileges – Key holder Agreement


One of the privileges of HWCA membership is having a key to the association facilities, namely the clubhouse, tennis courts and association grounds.

The agreement to hold a key has been revised and clarified to emphasize that keys to our facilities are to be used ONLY BY MEMBERS and their immediate families. Keys are NOT to be lent out to short term vacationers or renters of your homes.

A reminder to all members with keys who are moving away from our neighbourhood – please notify a Board member that you have a key or keys to our facilities, and one of the Directors will gladly pick it up.

Click here to review the new agreement >>>> Key Holder Agreement

A Tribute to Mary Lynn Hill – Former Woodpecker Blog Master

On behalf of the Huron Woods Community Association, the HWCA Board of Directors  would like to acknowledge Mary Lynn HIll  for her significant contribution to the founding and management of The Woodpecker Blog. This mode of social communication was important to the community over a long period of our history, and it provided information, a sense of belonging, and sharing of comments and news that kept our association well informed and well connected. Mary Lynn was  central to the effectiveness of this blog, and spent many hours figuring it out, managing the information, and keeping people connected. We extend our sincere gratitude  for all that she has done to make the Woodpecker such a great success.

As we turn a new page in the way we communicate with the inauguration of the HWCA website, and the retirement of The Woodpecker Blog, we know that the new website could not have happened without the Woodpecker Blog and Mary Lynn’s  efforts to establish it as an integral mode of communication.

The HWCA is indeed a unique community that is held together by those who truly care. It’s not possible to count the cost of those like Mary Lynn and others who make this such a wonderful community to live in.

We wish Mary Lynn, and her husband Don, success as they pursue their new adventures.

With sincere thanks,
Halyna Doherty
President, HWCA