Facility Bookings

If you are a member of the Huron Woods Community Association and wish to book the clubhouse for a private family function please call 

 Sue Kueneman  519 282 -8974 

Printable copy of Agreement CLICK HERE 


Huron Woods Clubhouse Private Function Policy
The basic purpose of our clubhouse is for the social use and enjoyment of members of HWCA and their families.

Under the umbrella of this philosophy, we have some groups/individuals using our clubhouse that pay a booking fee and other groups/individuals that do not.

  1. Groups/individuals using our clubhouse that do not pay a booking fee:These are HWCA sanctioned activities/meetings/sessions that are OPEN to ALL members of HWCA ie bridge club, men’s club, ladies’ sewing etc

  2. A booking fee is charged whenever an individual HWCA member wishes to book the clubhouse for his/her social function, which is NOT OPEN to ALL members of HWCA.
For social activities that fall under category (2) above the following private function policies apply:

 BOOKING FEE for use of Premises:

    • $100 Per Day when occupancy of Premises does not exceed 80 people 

Plus Deposit:

  • Deposit is equal to the amount of the booking fee. Deposit will be applied against any damages sustained to Premises during Private Function Activity and /or incidental costs incurred including prolonged rental of Premises. The deposit and balance of deposit will be reimbursed shortly after completion of the Private Function Activity and the returned, completed HWCA Clean-up Check List. 
     Applicant’s Membership must be in good standing
     Function Activity is for Premises use only and does not cover outdoor events or provide exclusive use of tennis/pickle ball courts, playgrounds or parking lot.
     Applicant must be present for the entire duration of the Function Activity including set-up and clean-up to ensure Premises are returned to original format.
     Applicant is responsible for the actions of all family members and invited guests on the Premises during the Function Period.  Applicant will ensure that all persons comply with all provincial and federal laws in addition to the terms of this agreement.
     Function Activity must not end later than 1:30 am of the day following the date of the Function Activity as recorded on this Agreement.  This time frame includes clean up of Premises.
     Function Period cannot exceed 2 consecutive days.
     Premises are usually cleaned bi-weekly on Friday mornings.  If Applicant wishes to include those time slots in the Function Period, permission must first be obtained from the HWCA Private Function Agreement  administrator.
     Applicant is not allowed to bring in any additional furniture and must use existing tables and chairs provided by the Premises
     Personal goods brought into the Premises are the responsibility of the individual concerned, and HWCA holds no liability for such personal property.
     Placing any decoration or other object on walls, ceilings or sound reduction panels is prohibited.
     Prior to commencement of the Function Activity, Applicant must do a walk-through of Premises. If any damage is found, Applicant must advise the Private Function Agreement administrator (or other person on contact list) of his/her findings either by email or telephone. Damages not reported in advance of the Function Activity will be the responsibility of the Applicant.
     Applicant will replace any damaged or missing inventory and equipment.
     Maintenance crew members, HWCA Board members and individuals listed on Contact List are allowed to enter and inspect the Premises during the Function Activity.
     The Premises telephone may not be uses for long distance calls.  Any calls placed from the Premises telephone during the Function Period are the Applicant’s responsibility.
     There is no smoking in or on the Premises.

Cancellation Policy:
Except for severe inclement weather or extenuating circumstances, an administrative fee of $50 will apply to any cancellation made less than 14 days prior to the date of the Function Activity.
HWCA reserves the right to cancel, with cause, a Function Activity, either before or during the function.  The Agreement Fee and deposit may or may not be reimbursed at the discretion of HWCA.

Alcohol, Indemnification and Insurance Policy:
      Sale of alcohol in/on Premises is strictly prohibited.
      It is the Applicant’s responsibility to determine if a liquor permit (Special Occasion Permit – SOP) is required in association with the Private Function Agreement.  Cost of such permit shall be the responsibility of the Applicant.
      If a SOP is required, it must be appropriately posted in the Premises and the Function Activity must stay within the requirements of said permit.
      Applicant is responsible for any damage to Premises resulting from negligence of Applicant,   family members and/or guests.
      Applicant will hold harmless and indemnify HWCA against damages to Premises or claims arising from Function Activity that result from the actions or negligence of Applicant, family members and/or guests.
      Applicant’s insurance shall be deemed primary.  In no event shall Applicant look upon any       insurance held by HWCA to provide payment or settlement of claim.
Note:  HWCA strongly recommends that Applicants check their own house insurance to determine whether or not they have adequate personal liability coverage for such a function.  If the homeowner policy does not provide Applicant adequate personal liability protection, applicants must purchase a one-day Party Alcohol Liability insurance policy from their insurance company. HWCA will not be liable for any damages/injuries resulting from alcohol-related accidents.

(The Cooperators’ Insurance in Grand Bend will provide the PAL coverage if the applicant’s own insurance company will not make it available to him/her.)

There has been some misunderstanding regarding what the HWCA Insurance does cover. Below are copies of letters in which we have asked the HWCA Broker for Clarification. A second opinion has also been given by another broker . It is our hope this will clarify the situation.


Subject: HWCA liability insurance

 Dear Jon

 It appears that members are raising questions with regard to our insurance policy.   Some of this is more geared to their coverage for private rental functions of the clubhouse.   To that degree, we would like your input on the following:

1.    Q: To what degree does our current policy cover the members, as individuals?

A:  No coverage from the HWCA liability is extended to any individual members. The only named insured is HWCA. The members association is covered.

2.   Q: Can a member ever use our policy for coverage purpose when a claim does not include the association (this would be for a claim that might result on or off the HWCA lands and premises)?

A:  NO

3.        Q:  To what degree does our current policy cover members when they rent the clubhouse for a private function and serve alcohol?   Does our policy pick up any alcohol exposures from the members (not the association)?

A: It is only covering the HWCA. People that use the facility need to cover their function with their own coverage.


4.        Q:  Kindly confirm that we do not have an alcohol exposure when the clubhouse is rented for a private function and alcohol is served (meaning HWCA is not involved in the event and HWCA is not serving alcohol).

A:  The HWCA policy has NO LIQUOR LIABILITY COVER…The HWCA would have to become a licensed bar or licensed restaurant to obtain cover. Remember, the HWCA did not host the serving of alcohol.

5.   Q:  What would be the impact if the HWCA liability policy was to provide coverage for all of the rentals of the clubhouse for private events to provide coverage for HWCA and all of its members?   How would these impact premiums? (30 rentals, each less than 100 people.) 

6.    Q:  Would there be an alcohol exclusion for such coverage?



7.   Q: What are the requirements if HWCA were to provide total coverage, including alcohol?  (i.e. would we need to do smart serve, make sure food was served)

A:  Again, the HWCA would have to become a licensed establishment. But again the individual users would have to have their own cover as the policy would only extend cover to the NAMED insured…HWCA.


8.   Q: What would be the impact on our policy if a claim were to arise from a rental of the clubhouse for a private function, assuming:
·         Not an alcohol related claim
o    The policy provides liability cover only to HWCA.

·         Did involve the serving of alcohol.
o    The HWCA was would not be involved in the PRIVATE function, the individuals that hosted the function would need their own cover.
Jon, if you could give this some thought and provide us with your input and guidance, we would most sincerely appreciate the same.

 Leo Bax
HWCA – Treasurer

 Hi Leo,

I just wanted to clarify our conversation about renters providing insurance for the Clubhouse.

All of OUR companies provide this liability extension at no charge and it is really quite simple.  Usually an email or phone call to your insurance provider will suffice and the coverage is extended accordingly.

The extension is necessary as it is just far too hard for the insurance company for Huron Woods to come up with a rate on exposures that are out of their control. They simply provide insurance for the Clubhouse itself and any Liability imposed by the Association for slip & falls, poor maintenance, unsafe conditions, etc.

What I mean is that, one day someone could be hosting a strawberry social and the next day, it could be a wedding party or anniversary party. The spectrum is really quite wide and hard to underwrite effectively. Also, the board has no control over who attends the events held at the clubhouse. That is up to the party that actually rents the premises and hence, it requires them to provide the insurance.

In my opinion, the most effective way to handle this situation is to continue to have the actual renters provide their own insurance. I know that it can be frustrating for them and hard to comprehend but I do truly believe that it provides the best coverage for ALL parties  involved.

I trust that you’ll find this to be satisfactory.

Kindest regards,

David W. Brown CAIB
HMS Insurance & Financial Services Inc